Gluing Table for High Pressure Laminates HPL

May 2013


Decorative laminate (HPL = High-pressure laminate) can look back on a long tradition of use and represents an extremely robust, modern and highly decorative surface material. It is a ubiquitous part of daily life, mostly making an appearance as part of a composite material together with derived timber products such as chipboard. Having been developed more than 60 years ago, decorative laminate sheets now have more areas of application than ever before. One reason for this is the extreme durability of decorative laminate boards. No other finishing material can offer anything like the same levels of resilience. The European Standard EN 438 stipulates well over 20 properties which decorative laminate surfaces must fulfill. On the other hand, the extensive variety of attractive finishes decorative laminate panels can be supplied which makes them extremely attractive, provides flexibility of use and enables a wide range of base materials to be deployed. Added to this, the innovative further development of decorative laminate as a material has brought with it a constant expansion of the possible areas of application.
This Information Data Sheet „Gluing table for decorative high pressure laminates (HPL)“ gives an overview and valuable recommendations about adhesives for decorative high pressure laminates.
The technical commission of the ICDLI compiled this Data Sheet to the best of its knowledge. No responsibility is taken for the up-to-date-ness, accuracy, completeness or quality of the details provided.
This Data Sheet replaces the one on the same subject from 2008.