Bonding and Processing of HPL on mineral substrates

November 2013


Decorative laminates according to EN 438 are an excellent material for indoor and outdoor surfaces. They can be used either applied to suitable substrates or as self-supporting compact sheets. Decorative laminates meet the stringent requirements for hygiene, fire resistance humidity resistance and mechanical properties. Decorative laminates are available in a variety of colours, patterns and surface textures, providing extensive options for architects and designers. Decorative laminate surfaces are hard and resistant to wear, impact and scratching, making them long lasting, easy to clean and largely resistant to vandalism.
In addition to their physical properties, decorative laminates offer other benefits including quick and easy installation of compact laminate panels, and in renovation applications using dry construction methods, elimination of the need to remove existing wall coverings such as wallpaper, textile coverings, or ceramic tiles. The technical leaflet “Bonding and Processing of HPL on mineral substrates” contains information about manufacturing these composite elements as well as an overview and valuable recommendations on bonding processes, attachment methods and design considerations. This technical leaflet is an update and an expansion of the previous version on the same topic issued in May 1989.