Plenary Assembly in Budapest

Frankfurt, August 16, 2017. The International Committee of the Decorative Laminates Industry (ICDLI aisbl) invites you to Budapest from 4th to 6th October. The international branch meeting is dominated by a brightening European industry.

The ICDLI is pleased to have won many international speakers for the conference in 2017 as well. The multi-faceted meeting program is divided into four areas: design & trends, technical developments, environment and market. Highlights include: The presentation of the annual report with the data to the European HPL market. In addition, ICDLI and its members will receive the updated EPD.

For the first time the Plenary Assembly takes place in the cultural metropolis Budapest, which is characterized by its modern charm. The city on the Danube offers an ideal backdrop for the attractive evening program, to make contacts and to exchange ideas on different topics.

“The Plenary Assembly has developed into the annual branch meeting of the European HPL industry and is thus a permanent place in the calendar of our participants,” explains ICDLI Managing Director Ralf Olsen. “We look forward to an exchange of ideas and a look into the future of our industry.”

From now on you can request the registration documents and register: